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WMN Issue 2

Show Me What
You Got

art and poetry by older generation lesbians internationally 

Coming Summer 2020

Open Call for work is now closed please email wmn.zine@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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WMN Issue 1

Seasons of a Dyke

art and poetry by lesbians in
rural areas and smaller cities in the US



Ace Lehner
Art  | Kingston, NY

Alicia Mountain
Poetry  | Denver, CO

Allie Gressler
Art  | Amagansett, NY

Anji Bodony
Art  | Fairfax, CA

Brenda Pressnall
Art  | Loveland, CO

Elisabeth Durham
Art  | Baltimore, MD

Erina Colombo
Poetry  | Boston, MA

Finley Baker
Art | Lochbuie, CO

Gabrielle Grace Hogan
Poetry | Austin, TX

Janie Stamm
Art  | Saint Louis, MO

Jess Fry
Art  | St. Louis, MO

Joanna Raczynska
Art  | Baltimore, MD

Justine Neves
Art  | Morro Bay, CA

Laura Kerrigan
Art  | Buffalo, NY

Lexis Loeb
Art  | Durango, CO

Libby Paloma
Art  | Kingston, NY

Mick Foley
Poetry | Providence, RI

Miki Beyer
Art  | Fairfax, VA

Penny Molesso
Art  | Fayetteville, AR

Seantel Rae Trombly
Art  | Boston MA

Shannon Palmer
Art | Shreveport, LA

Shelby Jaron Bates
Art | Atlanta, GA

Littlebird Fogel

Art | Portland, OR

Trenna Sharpe
Poetry | Portland, OR